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Dr Anjali Malhotra has taken All Smiles Dental and transformed it. We are a progressive long-established practice located in the heart of Chester le Street. We are not part of a chain.

We strive to be a strongly preventative practice which encourages you to achieve the healthiest mouth possible with the help of the whole dental team; the dentist, dental nurse and dental therapist. As an independent practice we believe in spending the time to get to know you and your needs so that we can work towards giving you the smile you desire and help maintain it for life.

We are also a dynamic teaching hub for our fellow dental colleagues. We help train dental nurses, dental therapists and dentists!

We are very committed to providing a safe and clean environment and we operate under the strictest cross-infection control procedures. All equipment is fully decontaminated and sterilised in between patients and our procedures are fully compliant with the Care Quality Commission (CQC)

All Smiles Dental has been regarded as a great environment for all dental care. Our Friends and Family Test Results are amazing as can be seen from our patients’ comments:

All Smiles Dental £ Chester le Street 0191 388 2939 All Smiles Dental

“This an efficient and very very friendly practise,.The staff are lovely from the receptionist to the orthodontist. You are made to feel welcome and the treatment was quick and painless. The procedure was explained , overall cannot fault this excellent team”

6th December

All Smiles Dental £ Chester le Street 0191 388 2939 All Smiles Dental

“My dentist was very patient with me as I have sensitive teeth and had to stop several times during the cleaning as it was bothering me. She also used encouraging language to help me keep going with the treatment. And she provided me with advice on toothpastes that might help my tooth sensitivity problem, which was much appreciated.”

11th November

If you have a dental problem or an emergency?

All Smiles Dental £ Chester le Street 0191 388 2939 All Smiles Dental

“Needed an emergency appointment and appointment was made Got my son in at super short notice due to an accident at school. Made him happy and confident he would get better. Thank you so much!”

8th September

All Smiles Dental £ Chester le Street 0191 388 2939 All Smiles Dental

“Responded to a request for help, appointment within 2 hours, diagnosis of a dental abscess, issued with a prescription for an anti-biotic and appointment with hygienist for the following day. Invitation to go back if abscess did not respond to medication. All staff were friendly and approachable”

18th August

All Smiles Dental £ Chester le Street 0191 388 2939 All Smiles Dental

“I experienced a denture problem, rang the practice and was given an appointment for midday Monday. I received an email on Sunday afternoon stating due to unforeseen circumstances my appointment had to be cancelled and to ring the practice on Monday to re-arrange. I did so on Monday morning and was given an appointment for later that day. In my opinion this was excellent service and my denture was fixed within a couple of days.”

28th July

Meet the Team

All of our staff have been trained and keep up to date with our patient confidentiality policy and
our surgery team are registered with the General Dental Council (GDC).

Dr Anjali Malhotra

Principal Dentist
BDS(Hons) MFDS RCSEdin MSc(dist.)
GDC No. 226923

Anjali has developed and grown the practice to provide excellence at every level, and has passed the CQC Inspection in 2019.

Anjali has completed a Masters Degree in Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry and is a specialist in the delivery of all restorative treatments, anti-wrinkle treatments and the renowned orthodontic system: Invisalign Go.

Anjali is a qualified Educational Supervisor and is able to train newly qualified dentists who are entering into the world of dentistry.

She is dedicated to her patients and only wants the best treatments available for them. She has carefully selected Associate Dentists with a similar ethos to join the team here at All Smiles Dental so that the practice continues its pathway to success.

When Anjali is not at work or studying, she spends any spare time with her family and toddler! She also has a wild passion in the culinary pursuits of cooking, baking and cake decorating! Her Banana Bread is particularly a-peeling!!!

Dr Lauren McGookin

Associate Dentist
BDS Newcastle 2021
GDC No. 296374

Lauren is a general dentist who was born in Northern Ireland and has studied dentistry in Newcastle upon Tyne. Lauren has recently completed her InvisalignGo training and is offering Smile Consultations to all her patients.

Lauren often visits schools and nurseries to teach our future children about good oral hygiene.

Interests: When not working, Lauren is very much into sports, whether it be netball or rowing! She is also a long-distance runner.

She makes a mean Sunday Lunch and her Yorkshire Puddings are impeccable!

Dr Steven Mason

Associate Dentist
BDS Newcastle 1984
GDC No. 59051

Steven is a general dentist with a specialist interest in prosthetics.

He has been practicing for a number of years and has a great demeanour for nervous patients. He has done many Prosthodontic cases over the years and specialises in Chrome Dentures.

Interests: When Steven is not at work he is usually renovating and decorating with his artistic flair. You will often see him and his wife exploring the Great British Countryside walking with their 2 gorgeous dogs Teddy the Cockapoo and Olive the Yorkshire Terrier!

Dr Adam Feather

Associate Dentist
BDS Newcastle 2010
GDC No. 193547

Adam is a general dentist with over ten years of experience. He has successfully placed implants for over 4 years and enjoys all types of dentistry. He is particularly resilient with nervous patients and helps bring back the confidence in coming to the dentist.

He has a keen interest in complex dental cases whether it be restorative or endodontics he assures you a signature smile!

Interests: When Adam is not at work he has a passion for music. He is an avid Musical Machine that plays the piano and guitar!

Dr Samuel Wicks

Associate Dentist
BDS Newcastle 2023
GDC No. 309175

Sam has always envisioned himself in the medical sector, he has grown up with a passion for helping people. If he was not a dentist he would have gone into studying Maxillo facial.

Sam is now a general dentist with a keen interest in oral surgery and endodontics. He has a great sense of humour which is a winner with our younger patients! He has seen many anxious patients come to surgery and leave with their signature smile!

Interests: Sam has a keen interest in all things sport and has been an avid joiner and window fitter whilst working hard in university obtaining his BDS. He is a food lover and enjoys all types of cuisine travelling all around the world!

Debbie Liu


GDC No. 258498

Claire Dent

Dental Therapist
GDC No. 261443

Claire has been a dental therapist for a number of years and has recently undertaken training in maintaining dental implants.

She works under the dentists prescription to complete restorative treatment such as fillings, periodontal treatment and is able to extract deciduous teeth.

Claire clearly helps provide those finishing touches to your signature smiles!

When Claire is not at work she is a doting Mum to her 3 her adorable children and has a secret recipe for pumpkin pie!

Ashleigh Henderson

Assistant Practice Manager
Team member since February 2014
GDC No. 138879

Ashleigh has been in the role of dental management for almost 10 years here at All Smiles Dental.

She has seen the practice grow and strengthen over time from becoming an almost paperless practice to rebranding.

She really is our go to person when it comes to dentistry. She has a wealth of dental knowledge and has worked with dentists and therapists in training as well as training nurses over the years.

When Ashleigh is not working, she is exploring the Mediterranean, sightseeing and sampling excellent cuisine! She is an amazing cook and a ‘crazy cat’ mom to Merlin and Willow!

Scarlet Smith

Practice Manager
GDC No. 272738

Scarlet has joined All Smiles Dental as Manager.

You will find her on Reception or our ‘Epi Centre’ where all the important ‘stuff’ happens! From welcoming our patients to dealing with queries about treatment and payment plans. Scarlet ensures that the practice is running smoothly whether it be customer services or regulations she is an integral part of the team making her the ‘Smooth Operator’ she is.

When she is not working she becomes ‘Super Mum’ to her doting children, loves a cheeky takeaway on a Friday night and won’t shy away when it comes to Karaoke! She truly is the life and soul of any party!

Nadine Bainbridge

Clinical Nurse Manager
Team member since August 2022
GDC No. 281609

Nadine has been a dental nurse for over 7 years and has completed her Management Diploma in 2022. She is now contemplating on what to do next on her dental learning journey.

Nadine has been working extremely hard training our apprentice dental nurses over the last year and continues to do so, bettering our dental community. She takes pride in her training and may become a dental assessor in the future!

She is the most awesome auntie to her nieces and nephews and is often found under the sizzling sun of Ibiza or Cannes! Her next travel destination is Thailand!


Lead Nurse
Team member since March 2022
GDC No. 266505


Dental Nurse
Team member since August 2017
GDC No. 284851

Elisha Morgan

Dental Nurse
GDC No. 310030


Apprentice Nurse
Team member since September 2022


Apprentice Nurse
Team member since September 2022


Decontamination Lead
Team member since May 2016

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